What is “porch swing living”

If you’re here, if you were curious, I think you already have a sense of what I mean by porch swing living.

It’s like walking on a beach any time of day.

It’s living IN the present and feeling content to do so. A life where I take time to say hello to people, to be kind to all one encounters, to be content with brightening my little patch of the world. It’s hugging my kids close, loving my spouse warmly and feeling good about who I am.

A few years ago, I read Danielle LaPorte’s “Fire Starter Sessions” and in it she asks what you want your life to feel like? Not what will you achieve or earn or obtain, but what is life going to feel like wrapped around you.

And I want my life to feel like a homemade quilt warm from being out in the sun. I want my life to feel joy-filled… abundant… creative… athletic… and soul-centered.

I’m not sure what I’m going to share here. Not sure exactly what might come out. But my hope is when I arrive at the login, it’ll feel like stepping through the front door, out onto the porch. Taking a sit and thinking thoughts – some new, some old – and sharing a little of my view. Because as I share what stirs my soul, I believe I will bring soul stirrings into my day-to-day reality more frequently.

So welcome. Iced tea is on the table. Comfy chairs all around.

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