The flutter of angel wings whisper to me…

angel_quote1I have been in despair the last two days. Last night, I wept myself to sleep. I do not know what exactly “what” has caused this deep aching in myself, I only know it is there. It is heavy.

I have a small perpetual calendar regarding angels sitting on my kitchen counter. Yesterday it said that I need not struggle for anything including finances.

Is it money again that has built fear within me? Maybe a piece but this hole… this sadness feels full of many things. Akin to those teenage dramatic wounds of old, I think to myself, “it’s everything. Everything is awful.” The husband, the job, the housework, the kids, the pets and me. I am a complete failure.

So I fall. I lean into prayer. I whisper “please help,” and the soft flutter of angel wings surrounds me. My invisible sisters encircle me bringing with them God’s light and love. Like a child, I am soothed. I am comforted. I feel heard and seen. Then, like all good women, I wipe the tears and keep moving forward.

I share this, dear sisters, to let you know, you are not alone if you are feeling “beyond” your world right now.

Love and blessings,

This is my first time posting with the #woman2woman Wednesday group. I wanted to join for a few weeks now and believe I was especially nudge to share this today. I look forward to sharing more positive notes in the future.

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