Signature look

I don’t know if it’s entering my 40s and having better things to do or knowing myself well. Or it’s the mom thing. Or it’s me trying to take a step so I quit having days where I look like complete frump but I’ve really decided that I have a signature look. I think I wear it well with my body at whatever size and it’s what I’m confortable in. And I wear it almost weekly. So why not simplify the wardrobe – except for a few items – to a certain look I’ve got.

and it’s this: black dress (varying lengths and collars) with a sweater (mainly cardigans) and large earrings or smaller earrings with interesting necklace. And I tend to do sandals but hoping as weight is eliminated, I’ll get back to a few high heels.

I’m thinking this will clean the closet of items I do not absolutely love and therefore never wear, and clean my mind in the morning to dress and get on with the day but looking well.

Thoughts? Anyone do this? Try this?

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