Not the first thing…

… I attempted this morning. Woke at 4:40 to complete these meeting minutes I’ve been slowly attackign for a week. Minutes from a four-hour meeting are longer than the meeting!

But done and sending off.

In the meantime, “the boy” awoke and came in for a morning snuggle in mama’s lap. Nothing more lovely than a cuddling three year old. Except of course when he becomes four and thereby a cuddling 4 year old.

I hold him close, kiss his head and savor the moment. I realize that he will grow quickly and these moments are precious. I’m not hurrying to his teenage years of needing to beat on his door to wake up and get to school 🙂

Every day, I try to make a little time a little special moment of love and hope these are the memories he’ll have. Not the moments when mama loses it. Okay we know he’ll keep those but possibly my cuddles are a higher quantity and quality.

So with the board minutes finally done, I feel rather ready to take on the day. Lot of rain last night. Received flash flood warning so heading to daycare will be an adventure. I’m a fan of driving through large roadside puddles – splashing half of one’s SUV is too too awesome for both me and “the boy.”

Had a nice dinner at the in-laws house last night. we have a close family friend’s wedding this weekend in addition to Mardi gras parades so woohoo! I left their home with four boxes of girl scout cookies – oh yeah. Yes, I got the thin mints. And the samoas. The boy is a fan of trefoils have ate an entire sleeve while at their home. Gotta love toddler dinners. 🙂 Actually he did some real foods but he was living like a king on the couch eating those cookies and watching Nemo. And since Mama got wine and dinner need to make dinner, there was little complaint from me.

all right off to my daily grind.

“bless my path today. help me to act with wisdom and live in perpetual gratitude.”

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