My Top 16 Goals for 2016

Holding myself more accountable by sharing my goals for the new year.

  1. Drop my excess weight. Enough with the excess baggage that’s not serving me. I am way more awesome than this! I am special; my body deserves to feel loved.
  2. Participate in four big community activities. One must be a 5k – hopefully The Color Run.
  3. Move us to a new home and place where we can all be happy.
  4. Follow my blog and social media schedule I’ve created. It will work to build my businesses.
  5. Write for an hour daily. It’s part of taking care of myself.
  6. Complete the 52-Week Organized Home Challenge list.
  7. Continue to work on Marathon Design Project. At least 100 new posters!
  8. Handwrite 52 letters – one a week.
  9. Journal gratitude daily.
  10. Go to California to see family. Ideally during the time of my cousin’s wedding.
  11. Each day tackle one “scary” thing. I live my life, because I dare.
  12. 52 Books
  13. 26 Dates – one every two weeks ideally. Help to increase intimacy.
  14. 12 DIY project. One must be a sewing project!
  15. To prevent backup, spend one hour every Tuesday night on 2016 Family Yearbook.
  16. Complete my family projects both ancestral work and past Family Yearbooks.

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