Morning, Pages!

Last night I decided that I’ll use this blog to re-enter the world of Morning Pages. If you are not familiar with this term, think brain dump. But in a really high-brow artistic way. 🙂

They are actually part of the artist’s way and essentially Morning Pages help you begin the day to be more creative by getting all the random thoughts out of your head so you can just work during the day. Nothing will be nibbling at you.

brain is open tabsThat said, have you seen this… because this is pretty accurate for my brain most day.

By the way, yes, I realize it’s 5:30am and I have no idea why I’m up. I went to bed at 11:45. The last few nights I’ve been doing this – only five hours of sleep. Not ideal for me as it will absolutely lead to a crying bout and some point.

I began a new job last week and this might have something to do with it. It’s an old-new job, meaning I’ve agreed to take on a job that I did for three years but new people running the asylum. NOTE: Not actual asylum. It allows me to work from home and earn steady income as I continue to work on my other ventures and be a mom.

Because yes, I just want to do it all. Oh and i can without any price paid. NOTE: Not true at all. I’m two hundreds pound overweight so there’s my price. And one of the foci for getting my life soul-centered.

So what’s on today’s agenda. Two phone meetings, cleaning up of meeting minutes from a week ago, learning new timesheet system and the taking of one online class regarding new team-sharing workspace program. Oh yes, and what I’m about to do now which is shower.

That’s going to be great. Let’s go rock today.

P.S. Actually incredibly proud of myself to have done a morning page and written a consecutive second day on here. That’s Amazing for me. Woohoo!

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