Morning pages for dinner

I awoke at 4:30am as desired and yet getting to my writing took all day. Pity.

But I am here. So hurray!

It’s been a long week. Was playing with different logos for this blog. Welcome any thoughts.

For some reason I love the strawberry but it has absolutely nothing to do with a porch or a swing. But I’m thinking I can use it as an icon of some kind along with a cup of tea (cold days) and iced tea glass (sunny days). Managing brands is what I’ve done for the last 20 years so it never shuts off.

I’m considering marketing and its impact all the time. Like a cop assessing a situation, I’m out in public considering the price and the ROI. And customer service.

Man, customer service really gets to me. It’s the one thing you can do free that has a huge impact. In fact, I’m taking my darling dog to a new vet in the morning because I just can’t stand our current vet’s office team. I think they’re terribly rude and slightly slow.

Wish I had something pithy to say but I don’t.
Gonna go sit with “the boy,” bathe him, laugh with him, perhaps do some dancing to get the wiggles out before bed, finish Downton Abbey’s season finale, shower and get thyself to bed.

It was a good day. I did accomplish much. I am ever grateful.

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