Morning of Day 4 of conscious self-loving

Last night I watched some taped/DVR’d episodes of Oprah’s Lifeclass with T.D. Jakes on Instinct. Wow! Aha! Wow!

It was great a so perfect for what I’m trying to do for myself with this audacity challenge. I love divine timing, don’t you?

I even received confirmation during his talk of one of the names I’ve been using for the past few years for one of my companies – I’m not the only one who gets it! Hurray! and when I realized the synergy, I teared up and thank God for such a sign. It was great.

So if they’re still on or on, go watch these episodes. Great material on listening to your instinct, getting to the core of who we are so we can do what WE, and we only, were made to this life on the planet at this time.

Here are my two happy pics from the last two days.
Bygul8fIYAAdYR- ByjZh1oIIAMOrtG

I’m still tracking with my daily dares however the “Walk for an hour every day” will now be “walk every day” and less chance I’ll berate myself. No berating!

Overall, I am proud of myself for being consistent.

Day 4, bring it on!

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