Literally Lighter… well, that’s the goal

A month ago I started a raw food program and lost 30 pounds in two weeks. Very awesome. I have over two hundred to lose so 30 pounds is quite a big help. But then I slowed down, got my period and the “fat brain” began to take over once again.

I’ve slipped back and with three pounds returned in the last week, despite being under 1,500 calories daily, I am panicking. I’ve been focused on self-love and the positive aspects. Now I’ve been doing to further ironing out on the mental and each morning for the last three days I’ve strived to stay on raw food.

I just returned from buying fresh produce and eager to make a raw dinner and begin tomorrow. I’ll keep getting back up. Just like the alcoholic who tries not to drink. Because that’s really what this is. And a severe allergy too. At least that’s how my brain is processing so the rest of me goes along with it. Here’s my theory…

When someone says they’re allergic to strawberries, peanuts or shellfish, they never eat that again after their first outbreak. They avoid it vehemently in many cases. But instead of breaking out in hives or my throat contracting from eating a food I’m allergic too, my body holds onto it, bloats out on it. I clearly have bad reactions – in the case of swollen legs, added weight, etc.

BUT like the alcoholic, I try to go for awhile, get clean as it were, and then have a slip. And my symptoms show right back up.

This time I’m trying to really pain attention to the differences. Two weeks ago I had very little pain in my body. Now, one of my hips feels “creaky.”

My new #HealthyThought: Eating should not make me happy. Eating that makes my body feel good and have energy THAT should be making me happy.

I will walk tonight. I will eat raw tonight and I’ll make a plan to stick to tomorrow. I will begin to share my food logs here. No one may notice but it’s a way to hold myself accountable.

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