Five-Minute Friday: SEND

This post is my first in joining the Five Minute Friday writing prompt group. Each Thursday evening, a word is posted to inspire the group to write for five minutes – unedited… just be in the flow of writing for five minutes without criticizing oneself.

old_alarm_clock_isolatedSend it owns its way… in a fax, in a letter.
Is that a song? Are those words from “Mr. Postman?”
I feel like I’m going slightly crazy this morning and thus those words floating in my head as a tune is no great shock to me.

SEND. A cry of help to the angels. Send me some sanity. Send me some love. Send me an answer, God.

SEND. A plea. Send something to me that let’s me know I am seen. I am heard. There is someone, some benevolent being that can give to me. Send.

SEND. A demand. Send the payment. Send your signature. A letter to your grandmother so she does not feel so alone and isolated.

SEND. A prayer. Send help to the homeless families. Send shelter to the animals. Send love to all those who need some.

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