Five-Minute Friday: Dwell


I dwell in possibility.

As I do every year at this time, I begin to assess what I accomplished off my annual goal list and what I didn’t. More importantly, I begin to ponder and consider what goals I want for 2016. Dwelling in daydreams; envisioning bright days ahead, building upon our current joys. What do I want to happen. What can I make possible.

I also make time to dwell in my gratitude to what has come to us this year.
Despite some tears and financial pinching, we have been largely fortunate compared to the greater world.
We have solid shelter that stays cool or warm as we require. I know the water from our taps will not kill my family nor do I walk miles to obtain it. There may be less dollars than I like but there is still money to afford my family fresh produce and quality foods without a dependence on the government. We have lights that go on. We have laughter. We have love. We have God.

We are very blessed and I dwell in the goodness – staying to the light and loving side of life.

May you have a wonderful and precious Thanksgiving.

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