Day 1 of daring to be me

Once upon a time your mama knew what it meant to shine.
– Birdee Pruitt, Hope Floats

Despite a severe lack of sleep (deadlines for other people), I really did focus that today was a new day to CHOOSE to launch myself in a new direction. It is now after 10p.m. and still have other people’s deadlines to contend with but here is ten positive things of the day.

  1. Tweeted my “happy” picture – added here for y’all to see.
  2. Started my day eating oatmeal at the beach. Set a nice tone all day for me. Might need to continue this.
  3. Took a walk with the boy and the dog. Not for an hour but we did walk at a nearby nature trail.
  4. Completed my “dump stuff” task. This Mount Rushmore plate that the hubby has for not apparent reason. Just takes space where books could be placed.
  5. Did complete several key deadlines today.
  6. Had a healthy lunch.
  7. When faced with Wendy’s for dinner I opted for a salad. Yay me.
  8. Okay and a root beer float. Yay me!
  9. I am actually blogging – amazing!
  10. I feel very peaceful right now.

So now I’ll do my 20 minutes of cleaning while watching Project Runway and get to bed before midnight. Hurrah!

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