Bouquet #1: White Roses

One of my five main 2017 goals was to have a bouquet of fresh flowers for me. In the past, I’ve told my husband not to buy me flowers, shrugging off the gesture as a waste. I see though how this small “luxury” though tells me I am worth something, I am worthy to have beauty like this. So I’m doing this goal of weekly flowers to see if something changes within me, opens me somehow.

For Christmas, my mother gave me this beautiful crystal pitcher that we had found thrifting one day. She talked of how beautiful it would as a vase and catch the light. This vase itself is a declaration of a kind for me. I am worthy of such elegance.

To be sure I started on the right foot, I went out to the store New Year’s Eve and picked up these beautiful white roses, symbolizing the pure slate of a fresh year.

Happy New Year!

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