30 Days of “Healthy Selfies” Challenge

Came across this challenge last week and thought it would be good idea in the “Self Love and Care” Department.

While we usually think of selfies as fairly vain, the goal of these selfies is to document doing something that nourishes body and soul each day for 30 days.

So pictures of self with a delicious smoothie, favorite hiking trail, or pretty toes after a pedicure!

Love if you join me!

This is all about loving ourselves enough to really take care of our bodies and spirit. I hope to have fun with it and relax that these aren’t perfect pictures.

day1-polaroidDay 1: September 3
5:30a.m. I woke and took the dog with me down to the beach for a pre-dawn walk. It was very calm out there and lovely.
day2-polaroidDay 2: September 4
I woke and felt my eyes straining once again. I’ve put off getting an eye exam, seriously, for the last six months. So today, I spent most of my day trying to find a place that could exam me that day and get my eyeglass order done. I did not get the eyeglasses yet but the exam was done and the glasses should be here in a week. And yes, I needed them. I actually need bi-focals apparently at this stage but given my heavy computer use, we went with one pair for reading and computer and one pair for driving.
day3-polaroidDay 3: September 5
Almost did not take a selfie today. That is, until night snacking got a hold of me. I really did not eat a dinner so I could have rationalized a bad choice. Instead, I opted for slice of canteloupe and some celery with peanut butter. Pretty frickin’ good.

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