Storytelling Saturday: Contrasting water


Claudia stood on the dock not moving. It was all so breathtaking, she could hardly take it in. So clear. So bright. So beautiful. And in such stark contrast to the dark basement she had been chained in the last three months of her life, the beauty made her head dizzy. She just wanted to sit here and not move.

Maybe they could give her this place in payment for the madman who owned it that had abducted her from the Walgreens parking lot.

Maybe together, her and this water, could cleanse away his darkness.

It did not seem right at all that such a horrid person could live here. How could he reside in such splendor and grow such a dark heart?

Deep in Claudia’s soul she felt if she looked at this beauty everyday, it could help heal this dark wound now inside her. Inflicted by its very owner.

“Ma’am,” the young agent was looking down at her. She knew it was time to leave but all she wanted to do was stand, and run like a seven year old into the cool waters and cleanse herself. Cleanse the actual physical filth from her body and all the mental and emotional filth now clogging her within.


Claudia stood. Sighed and slowly walked backwards a few steps.

She would buy this land. Buy it back because she would do all she could do ensure that monster never saw the light of day much less this place ever again.

She would return. On her terms. Under her control.

And heal. Heal to be as pure again as these waters.

Five-Minute Friday: Hope

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“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul…”

My heart has been filled with much hope this last week…

hope my new eating program really does help me return to a lower weight for the sake of my health

hope my husband’s campaign to become a state representative is fruitful as it would bring him such joy

hope for my friend who just had her first child this week.

There’s been a great deal of tragedy in the news. As a former reporter, I know that is a great deal of what makes news, but tragedy in such great quantities is overwhelming. Long after the thirty-second soundbite, it has been the thought of these children, the innocent shot or victimized for no reason. And it is then I lose a bit of my hope in humanity.

I read a haunting line this week – “Dear God, please do not throw me away.”

And the hope within, believe God does not do that. Somehow, in the big picture this all connects and makes sense in some beautiful harmonic way. at least that is the hope I cling to in the darker moments to light up the shadows.