View from the Porch… I want Birthday Pancakes

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The truth is…

I did not remember my anniversary this morning. In fact, until five minutes ago when a relative texted me, I had no idea. And I’m sure my husband doesn’t either.

Last night at 1a.m., I started crying at my computer thinking about my four year old and questioning what I’m teaching him. As I try to relaunch my own branding and get my sites shipshape, plus taking good care of my clients, I’ve been on the computer a lot lately. Not to mention my husband has been running for political office, there’s all that. Then there’s a house I’ve never felt at home in and because of our new adult adventures, we fret about what most couples do – financial matters and the world dramas that impact us.
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Weigh-In Monday

Meant to do this a bit more frequently but the good news is the scale is creeping down. I back this week to walking more and keeping at least two meals raw.

Since June 1, 2015: 32.6 lbs. eliminated
Since last weigh-in on July 13, 2015: eliminated 5.3 lbs.