Freebie for Mother’s Day

I came across this poem by Hathaway and felt compelled to turn into a print for Mother’s Day.

She loves me in spite of my faults;
She overlooks my mistakes;
She rejoices at my success;
She weeps over my failure;
She urges me on to higher endeavor,
And her confidence in my ability Brings out the best that is in me.
Her love has been the crowning blessing of my life;
Here’s to Mother.

Click image to download 8×10.


49-54 of 1008: Grateful Heart and Wildly Blessed

It has been a very soul-filled Sunday for me. This past week, I’ve found myself in a couple deep puddles of my own tears. I believe tears are cathartic and fearful emotions are best to be felt at the moment so they don’t take full-time residence in one’s self. I am also trying to listen to the voice within. Not the one incessantly talking but the other that says “Enough. You are enough. God has a plan, etc.”

So somewhere in me today, these prints called out to come to light. Blessings to you.